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Easy way to book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets through Proxy Servers

I bet, none of the other servers in the whole internet will be this much slow as IRCTC’s website at the peak timing. Indian government should award the person who successfully able to book tatkal tickets from IRCTC website within the time frame of 10AM to 11AM. Its too much of hassle for Indians to book tatkal tickets online as they end up with Internal server error or connection timeout errors. I will suggest you some tips to improve the speed to book your next tatkal ticket from IRCTC.
First of all lets talk why IRCTC sleeps at peak time : Service from Indian Government. low performance servers, No maintenance. Server is not able to handle more than 10k inbounds in 5 minutes as stated by government authority.

You will find some websites suggest to use autofill browsers plugins, no doubt, it will help in increasing speed of your booking. But what if the website doesn’t opens? You can only use this trick if you get rid of Internal server error or connection timeout errors.
The best method to speed up the process is by sensible use of Proxy servers. Follow these steps just 15 minutes before the IRCTC tatkal booking opening.
  1. Get your IRCTC account ready.
  2. Get your browser fill with autofill form plugins (I wont suggest that, and if you want, google it you will find the method)
  3. Hunt for the faster Proxy server. Your proxy server should be Delhi Based. There are too many free proxy servers available. you just need to Google away. or here is the list.
  4. Configure that proxy server in your browser. See below for the steps to set the proxy server in your Firefox browser.
  5. Surf faster IRCTC.
Note : You need to choose faster proxy server so you must tryout different IPs and check your download speed through that proxy IP. I suggest you to perform all these steps prior an hour.
How to set the proxy IP in your Firefox Browser.
  • Step 1: Get one Delhi based Open Proxy IP from the link i stated above.
  • Step 2: Open Firefox
  • Step 3: Tools > Option.
  • Step 4: Go to Advance tab, click on Settings button on Connections option.
  • Step 5: Check the Manual Proxy Configuration radio button.
  • Step 6: Enter your Proxy IP and port in HTTP Proxy field.
  • Step 7: Click Ok and Exit the Settings window.
  • Step 8: check your download speed from the same browser.
  • Step 9: if download speed is not satisfying, Goto Step 1 and hunt for another proxy IP until you find the faster one.
After all these work, surf IRCTC and you will get faster response. Do let me know if you need further help.
Choosing a proxy server may be risky, but you are not suppose to choose an open insecure proxy, this may be bad for your financial transaction. For the secure proxy route, you can use your friend’s PC sitting at Delhi with high internet connection.
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